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Lydia is a popular mobile app among French millennials to send and receive money instantly from friends. This is at least what the app is known for so far. But for the past few years, Lydia has been adding features with a goal to replace cash, check and even your debit card to be a single stop for all your payments, online and offline.

An angry user shares this in a review about Lydia, ¨Extremely frustrating and annoying app. I’ve registered a French credit card backed to a EUR account. When a friend in France tried to send me EUR, the app throws an error “The currencies does not match”. No more explanation, no link to any support team, nothing. Since when EUR and EUR doesn’t match?? I’m not talking about the long verification process. Sent the exactly same ID pictures, rejected the first time, processed the second... why???? No explanation again. Update my portrait by talking a selfie from the app, didn’t work again, I had to upload a picture from the library. I’m sure it’ll be a great app the day it’ll work properly, meanwhile I advise the developers to spend a bit more time on the testing stage.¨


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